The Balancing Touch

Massage Therapy


Ruth Jurkoshek, LMT


A Holistic Concept

The body is an Organic Whole.  All tissues and organs are closely related.  Abnormal functions of viscera can be reflected by the tissues and organs.

The natural environment affects the human body.  Human beings alter the natural environment.

The relationship between human beings and society influence each other.  i.e. social stability, development of economy and culture, social status.

Tuina - Chinese Massage

·         Seeks to establish a more harmonious flow of Qi through meridians, allowing body to heal naturally.

·         Methods include use of hand techniques to massage the soft tissue (tendons and muscles), acupressure to directly affect the flow of Qi, manipulation to realign the musculoskeletal system

·         Very popular powerful therapeutic extension of traditional western massage methods. 

·         Simple and focused on specific problems rather than generalized treatment.


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