The Balancing Touch

Massage Therapy


Ruth Jurkoshek, LMT



“You sure know how to improve one’s well being.”
A.F., Sales

“I came in with a pinched nerve in my low back. Afterwards I had 100% relief.”
M.N., Psychologist

“My work aggravates my low back and I like to play golf. Massage has me teeing off towards the green.”
J.P., Firefighter

”Afterwards I felt a big relief hit me. It was like 1000 pounds being lifted off my shoulders.”
M.C., Teacher

“Massage really works on my headaches.”
J.B., Insurance

“I always feel so refreshed after the massage. It helps me maintain my busy lifestyle with balance.”
R.J., Steelworker

“I cannot say enough about the work Ruth does.

She provides an instinctual touch to relaxation, polarity balancing, cranial sacral therapy, fascia release and deep tissue work with each massage tailored to your individual needs.

I could not manage without massage in this life. I accomplish more and suffer less when I can keep moving. I wouldn’t even want to guess where I’d be without Ruth’s touch to help balance me.”
J.L., Designer

1173 North Main Street
Akron, Ohio 44310
By Appointment Only
10 AM - 6 PM M-F
10 AM - 2 PM Sat
(330) 929-2266